AICA rules state that every animal must have a private herd number (ID number). The herd number is assigned by the breeder and is most often a tattoo in the ear. It must be numbers and may include letters. No two animals of the same sex born the same year should be assigned the same herd number.


All bulls used out-of-herd must be DNA tested before the progeny can be registered. The owner of the sire or his authorized agent must either sign the registration applications or provide the semen buyer with a semen transfer to be filed with the AICA. Transfer of Semen can be completed through the online registration system or a form found online.


Donor cows and AI sires must be DNA tested before ET calves can be registered. DNA kits are available from the registration department. Flush date is required at time of registration. AICA requires the signature of the owner of the donor dam at the time of flush. The owner of record of the donor dam at the time of conception must be identified as the breeder. Whoever owns the recipient cow on the birth date of the calf is considered the first owner of the calf.


Twins must be registered each on their own registration application and fees paid for each calf. The word “twin” or “TW” must be included in the animals’ names. In the case of twins of the opposite sex, the female cannot be registered until proven to be a breeder. At that time, the extra registration fees for age will be waived.


Cows pasture exposed or bred by artificial insemination to one bull must not be with another bull until at least 21 days have elapsed after the A.I. service. Calves may be declared ineligible for registration if the sire cannot be determined by a DNA test.


AICA requires each registration to be signed. Rubber stamp signatures are not acceptable unless initialed by the breeder.


Males and females can be owned by up to 8 owners. They are transferred just like any other transfer with special notation of percent transferred.


In the event of the death of one who normally would apply for registration of cattle, all papers and documents must be put on file with the Association to verify who is legally authorized to sign for the deceased member.


For purebreds - 31/32 and up and notwithstanding parentage verification by DNA testing:

a. Nothing accepted unless light cream, light straw or white in color with pink skin
b. Animal must not have a dark nose
c. Animal must not have excessive dark skin pigmentation
d. Provided, however, that the foregoing disqualification numbered “a” through “c” inclusive shall not apply as to animals for which an application is submitted for the Colored Division Registry described in these Rules and Regulations.
e. Animal cannot have an unidentified sire or dam

For Charolais-cross and percentage herdbooks - at least ½ Charolais breeding:

a. Animals shall not be disqualified for color with the exception of black. Black cattle will not be recorded.


Transfers can be done one of two ways. Either on the single registration application at the time of registration or on the back of the actual registration certificate. No matter which form you use the same information is required. The buyer's name and address is mandatory. If the buyer has purchased registered Charolais before he will have a breeder number. A person does not have to be an AICA member to purchase Charolais. If this is their first purchase a breeder number will be assigned when the transfer is submitted. The transfer, or delivery date is important. Use the date that the person actually purchased or took possession of the animal. This could make a difference in future offspring registrations. Be certain to sign the transfer. No transfer will be completed without an authorized signature. Rubber stamps must be initialed. The following are terms and conditions you should be familiar with:

Calf-at-side: A calf sold at the side of the dam is treated just like any other animal. It must be registered and transferred on its own application at current registration and transfer fees.

Cow sold with AI service: The AI breeding date must be shown on the transfer. It shall be the seller's responsibility to be certain proper signatures are obtained from the sire owner. If the seller has a semen transfer on file with the AICA for the service bull, no further signatures are required.

Transfer fees: The AICA looks to the seller to pay transfer fees.

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