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The AICA purebred herdbook is open to animals of 31/32 Charolais breeding. Within the purebred registry, special prefixes are available – Full French, American French, Verified Polled and Red Factor. All must meet certain criteria.

AICA Recordation of Foundation Animals into the Cross Charolais HerdBook

Up-breeding to purebred status can be accomplished in five crosses when starting with a purebred Charolais bull or female. Only female calves from a first cross are eligible for recordation. The herd book is closed to recordation of animals less than 1/2 Charolais. The foundation animal may be of any beef or dairy breed or a cross of breeds.

percentage charolais

The Percentage Charolais Herdbook is open to animals of at least ½ Charolais breeding. Animals can be recorded if either their sire or dam is purebred registered Charolais of if both their sire and dam are recorded Charolais (1/2 blood or higher).

charolais colored (red) division

Purebred animals subject to to color disqualifications but otherwise eligible for registration in the Purebred Registry shall be registered in the Colored Division, with the exception of black. Black animals are not eligible for recordation in the Colored division.


AICA is the official registry for Charbray cattle. To be eligible for registration in the Charbray Division Registry, animals must conform to the following basic rule: A Purebred Charbray can be 5/8 to 13/16 Charolais and 3/8 to 3/16 Bos Indicus.

Recordation in Charbray-Cross Record
Animals eligible for recordation in the Charbray-Cross Record of the Assocation are those male progeny from1/4 but less than 5/8 Charolais resulting from original mating of registered Charolais Bos indicus cos or bulls, and female progeny of the same percentage resulting from mating of registered or recorded Charolais and registered Charbray.

Complete herdbook descriptions in AICA Rules & Regulations - ARTICLE VIII: Registration and Recordation

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