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AICA Enrollment & Registration Programs

January, February and March are enrollment months for Charolais females. On-line enrollment is open for the 2020 calving year on January 1st. Members who have not begun the enrollment process on-line will receive the paper forms early in February. 

AICA Active and Junior members must choose which of the three AICA registry programs they want to be involved in. AICA offers three ways to participate in registration and performance programs. Please read carefully the following information:

whole herd rewards (WHR)

  • An enrollment form must be filled out and returned to AICA by April 1st. The fee to enroll a female is $14.00  until April 1st. For the $14.00 you pay on each female, you get a basic registration and transfer of her calf born  in that enrollment year. All performance data and reporting is included in this program. A completed enrollment form is required. Unregistered calves will receive EPDs when available. WHR fee after June 1st is $32.00 For both inventory based programs, the deadline for returning the inventory to AICA is April 1st. Penalty fees are applied to inventories received after April 1st.

performance plus REGISTRATION (PPR)

  • Use this program if you want to send in performance data, but do not want to pay an enrollment fee on your females. Traditional fees based on the age of the calf apply. A completed enrollment form is required by April 1st but no fee is attached to the enrollment of the females.. A completed enrollment form is required. Unregistered calves do not receive EPDs under this program. PPR fee after April 1st is $32.00 per female.

Registration Only

  • This program is designed for members that want only a registration paper. Performance data will not be entered if you are using the registration only program. EPDs will print on your papers if they are available. The traditional fee structure based on the age of the calf is applied. A completed enrollment form is not required.
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