Performance Data Questions

Q: I submitted a weaning weight on my calf but no EPDs appeared on my papers. What happened?
A: Breeders often overlook the fact that the weights cannot be used in the EPD analysis if they are submitted in a single animal group. Always weigh at least two animals of the same sex on the same day in order to create a contemporary group.

Q: I submitted birth weights but nothing appeared on my certificate. How can that happen?
A: You must participate in one of the two female enrollment programs (Whole Herd Rewards or Performance Plus) in order to have weights appear on your certificates. Only members participating in WHR or PPR will have weight data on their certificates.

Q: What is the days-in-age window for weaning weight adjustments?
A: Weaning weights should be taken between 140 and 270 days in age.

Q: When should yearling weights be taken?
A: Take yearling weights between 270 and 430 days in age. There must be at least 70 days between weaning and yearling weigh dates.

Registration & Transfer Questions

Q: Can 1/2 blood animals be recorded with AICA?
A: Yes - AICA does record 1/2 blood males & females. Use any of our registration forms, use breed codes to indicate the breed of the non-Charolais parent.

Q: How do I transfer an animal that's already registered?
A: Turn the blue and white registration certificate over and fill out the back side. Be sure to include the buyer information, your signature, and the date of delivery.

Q: Why did my papers come back with "horned" listed as the horn status?
A: AICA rules require a “horn status” on each animal. If you send registration applications to the office without filling out the horn status box, we will mark them as horned. The fee to correct a horn status is $10.00.

Billing Questions

Q: Can fees be paid using a credit card?
A: Yes - contact AICA's accounting department to pay your bill using a credit card.

Q: I'm ready to pay the second 1/2 of my Whole Herd Reward fees. I took 4 females to the sale barn this summer; can I deduct those enrollments from my bill?
A: No - Whole Herd Reward fees are not refundable.

Q: When will I get my statement from AICA?
A: Statements are mailed during the first week of each month. You can also access your current statement online.

Sire Signings Questions

Q: Why do I need the sire owners permission to register a calf?
A: AICA rules require a signature from whoever owns the sire on the breeding date.

Q: I have semen on a sire that is now dead and has never been DNA tested. Will I be able to register the calves?
A: DNA results can be obtained from a semen sample. Send two straws of semen to the lab along with paperwork generated by AICA. The fee is $40.00 per animal.

Q: Is DNA testing required before signatures can be transferred?
A: Yes - before a signature can be put on file the bull must be DNA tested. Contact AICA for a DNA kit.

Q: Who is responsible for having an A.I. sire DNA tested?
A: The breeder owning and selling semen on the bull is responsible for getting the DNA work done. The fee to test an animal is $40.00. That fee is sent to AICA.

EPD Questions

Q: I have a paper that was printed last year. Are the EPDs printed on the paper still accurate?
A: No - AICA runs its EPD analysis twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. The EPDs on all the animals change each time a new analysis is done.

Q: My EPDs have changed from the analysis done last winter to the one done this summer. Why?
A: These changes are due to improvements to the genetic analysis that have recently gone into effect. These improvements provide more precise EPD and accuracy values than in previous years.

Enrollment Questions

Q: I missed the April 1st cut off. What will the enrollments cost me?
A: The fee to enroll females between April 2nd and April 30th is $22.00.

Q: I'm selling a female later this summer. Should I enroll her now?
A: Yes - If you own the female at the time you send in your enrollments, you should enroll her. If you don't, she will be given a disposal code and not show up on the new owners inventory.

Q: Should I enroll my donor cows?
A: If you plan for her to have a natural calf anytime in the future, you need to enroll her. If she will never have a natural born calf or is dead, you do not need to enroll her.

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