Codes & Glossary

1xx - Reproductive Codes
101 Cow calved
102 Dry (cow calved but did not wean a calf)
103 Cow lost calf but raised foster calf
104 Open (did not conceive)
105 Cow used as embryo donor cow
106 Cow used as recipient
107 Cow not exposed

Note: For codes 105 and 106 do not list if cow´s most recent calf is a natural born calf
Weaning Management Code
1 – Dam only – no creep
2 – dam plus creep feeding (6 weeks or longer)
3 – irregular – no ratio
4 – Embryo Transfer
2xx - Disposal Codes (Died)
201 Illness
202 Injury/accidental
203 Calving difficulty
204 Old age
205 Disease

If more than one reason applies for the disappearance of a cow from your inventory, pick the main reason she left your herd and use the appropriate code. Any cow reported as culled, dead or sold will be dropped from your inventory
Yearling Management Code
5 – Full feed
6 – Intermediate feed
7 – Pasture
3xx - Disposal History
301 Sold as breeding animal
302 Calf performance/productivity
303 Low production value $
(not reproduction or performance related)
304 Old age
305 Infertile
306 Cow calved but did not wean a calf
307 Calving difficulty
308 Aborted
309 Prolapse
310 Reproductive disease
311 Poor body condition (unthrifty)
312 Poor udder-teats
313 Bad feet
314 Structurally unsound
315 Poor temperment
316 Injury
317 Illness
318 Genetic defect
319 Cancer eye, etc.
320 Leased
321 Missing or stolen

Udder score is a two-digit code in which the first digit represents the udder's suspension and the second digit denotes the size of the teats. Record the two-digit code by using the following system:

9 - Very Tight
7 - Tight, Fairly Level
5 - Moderately Tight
3 - Pendulous, Broken Floor
1 - Very Pendulous, Broken Floor
9 - Very Small
7 - Small
5 - Intermediate
3 - Large
1 - Very Large, Balloon Shape
The teat size and udder suspension scores illustrated here show the different sizes and suspensions. However, in the interest of space, they do not show all the possible combinations of teat size and udder suspension. Any two digit combination of the two scores is possible. Example: Suspension = 9, Teat Size = 1, Udder Score = 91.

Breeder: the Association considers the breeder to be the person who owned the cow at the time of service.

Applicant: the person sending in the registration application and first owner of the calf. This is the owner of the cow at time of calving.

In-herd AI: the breeder owns the sire being used AI. The sire is listed to your breeder number.

Out-of-herd AI: the bull being used is not in your ownership.

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