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Meeting The Challenges of the Future

The American Charolais Foundation (ACF) strives to meet the challenges of the future by providing additional research, breed development and educational activities benefiting the beef cattle industry and the Charolais breed. With a vision of continued progress for the Charolais breed, the ACF was formed October 20, 2015. Recognized as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code in Spring of 2017, members of the American-International Charolais Association and industry interests may now make charitable contributions to the Foundation that will qualify for income, gift, and estate tax charitable deductions.

Donation Heifer Selling at 42nd National Sale

Meeting the challenges of the Breed’s Future! Ms Benefit will not only impact your breeding program, but proceeds from her sale, will continue the reach of the American Charolais Foundation. Larry and Beth Ludeke, Bar J Charolais, ardent supporters of the ACF, have stepped forward with the donation of this year’s National Sale ACF Heifer. Join them in supporting the youth and future of our breed.

At the 41st National Sale in 2019, the ACF Heifer raised funds and awareness for one of the ACF’s mission – youth and education. The heifer and the generous contributions of add-ons gathered from fellow breeders formed the Friends of the Charolais Youth Syndicate raising a total of $16,000. This year’s effort will be no different. Bar J Charolais has donated Lot 13 Open Heifer, BJCF/JVS Ms Benefit 215H to the cause this year.

When the gavel falls, the highest bidder will purchase BJCF/JVS Ms Benefit 215H. Add-Ons will be collected and recognized as the Friends of Charolais Youth Syndicate.

Make your Pledge to the Friends of Charolais Youth today.

Contact Kaitlyn Chism, AICA:
office: 816-464-2474 ext 201, cell: 515-205-9704

ACF Veterinary/Medical Student Professional Scholarship

Russell W. Ludeke – Harold Christopher Truax II Memorial Award Applications Due September 1, 2020

Eligible applicants for this $4,000 veterinary or medical student professional scholarship must be enrolled in an accredited veterinary medicine or medical institution and be or have relation to an American-International Charolais Association member. Application evaluation criteria includes academic excellence, financial need, leadership and interest in the cattle industry.

Russell W. Ludeke – Harold Christopher Truax II Memorial Award applications can be found below. Completed applications must be postmarked to the ACF office on or before September 1, 2020.

  Vet-med Ludeke-Truax Scholarship Application

About the Russell W. Ludeke – Harold Christopher Truax II Memorial Award
With an initial gift from QuestMark Information Management, Inc., Charolais breeders Larry and Beth Ludeke of Bar J Charolais, Liverpool, Texas and the Evelyn Gay Duhon Family of JVS Cattle Co., Sulphur, Louisiana, seek to provide professional awards annually to those impacted by the Charolais breed.

Expanding Our Reach

From ACF President Dr. Richard Clark, “As Charolais breeders and beef industry enthusiasts, we continue to expand our reach through the goals of the ACF. The ACF needs your help as we set a goal to raise $50,000 by September 1, 2019. We encourage your consideration and support of these efforts as a corporate donor has committed a matching gift to this campaign of up to $50,000. Please consider the ACF in your charitable organization giving. Donations of all sizes welcomed.”

How to Contribute
Gifts of Money

The most common and simplest way to contribute. All gift sizes welcome. The Foundation will send a thank you letter with the information needed to substantiate the deduction.

Bequest in Will or Trust

With the help of an advisor, a gift can be made to the American Charolais Foundation in your will or trust as part of your estate plan.

Direct Distribution from IRA

Most retirement plans, including 401k and IRA plans, do not charge income tax until the distribution of funds. Donors above the age of 70 1/2 may make charitable contributions directly from an individual retirement account (IRA) without incurring income taxes for the distribution.

Life Insurance or Retirement Plan Beneficiary

The beneficiary designation of your policies and plans determine where the proceeds will be distributed. The death proceeds of a life insurance policy are not typically transfered through your will and can be distributed to a charitable organization if listed as your beneficiary. Retirement assets make ideal gifts to tax-exempt organizations such as the ACF with eligibility to receive the full amount and not pay income taxes as the beneficiary.

Charitable Reminder or Lead Trusts

With a charitable remainder trust, the donor receives income from the assets of the trust for a period of time and at termination the remainder of the property will be transfered to the charitable organization. With a charitable lead trust, the charitable organization receives income for a period of time and at termination of the trust the remainder passes back to the donor.

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