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Industry Session Recap – Speaker Interviews

Commercial Cattlemen's Intro to Genomics | Dr. Sally Northcutt

Opportunities of EPDs | Dr. Sally Northcutt
In this video Dr. Sally Northcutt, AICA Genetic Consultant, outlines opportunities for commercial herds using Charolais genetics.

Genomics and Genomically Enhanced EPDs | Dr. Sally Northcutt
Beef cattle genomics can be complex, but it holds the potential to unlock added opportunities for commercial herds. Dr. Sally Northcutt explains how AICA has taken the guesswork out of this new technology.

Utilizing TSI | Dr. Sally Northcutt
AICAs Terminal Sire Index (TSI) is a simple, easy to use tool for commercial herds to find the right bulls for their breeding and marketing goals. Dr. Sally Northcutt explains more.

Commercial Cattlemen’s Testimonial | Max Martin
Max Martin uses a data-driven approach to managing his commercial cow/calf operation. In this video he explains how Charolais genetics play an important role in optimizing carcass attributes and performance.

Commercial Cattlemen’s Testimonial | Barron Kidd
Barron Kidd, a commercial cattleman from Texas, has seen firsthand how using Charolais bulls on his Black-based cowherd is an easy way to increase calf payweight and profitability in a big way.

Commercial Cattlemen’s Testimonial | Rusty Daniel
Rusty Daniel has come full circle on utilizing Charolais genetics. Here he describes how today's Charolais bulls deliver valuable heterosis and growth without compromising calving ease and other important traits for commercial herds.

Value in Using Charolais Bulls | Dr. Clint Rusk
Dr. Clint Rusk, Oklahoma State University Animal Sciences Department Head, has found great value in using Charolais bulls as an easy approach to cross-breeding. Watch him explain the differences he's noted since incorporating these genetics into his beef herd management.

Contributions to Commercial Herds | Dr. Robert Wells
Dr. Robert Wells oversees Noble Research Institute's "Integrity Beef" program. This program enables commercial herds to find added value with an organized approach to genetics, herd health and marketing. Here Dr. Wells explains the valuable contributions Charolais genetics can make to commercial herds.

Adding Value to Feeder Calves | Dennis Metzger
Dennis Metzger of Superior Livestock has seen great success at point of sale for Charolais-sired feeder cattle. Listen as he describes the unique attributes the breed delivers at marketing time.

Adding Value to Feeder Calves | Tom Jones
Tom Jones of Hy-Plains Feedyard sees the value of efficiency and end product merit every day in his business. Here he explains how Charolais genetics can benefit both commercial herds that sell their calves as well as those who retain ownership in the feedyard.

New Cutting Techniques Optimizing Carcasses | Gretchen Mafi
Gretchen Mafi is a Meat Sciences Professor at Oklahoma State University with great insight in the future of beef production. In this video, she explains how new cutting techniques can optimize utilization of heavier beef carcasses.

Listening & Learning Industry Session Recap – Full Panel Discussions

Utilizing Genomics in Genetic Predictions & Opportunities for the Use of Genomics to Advance Profit in the Commercial Sector
View the entire panel discussion led by AICA Genetic Consultants, Bill Bowman and Sally Northcutt, Ph.D., on utilizing genomics in genetic predictions and opportunities for the use of genomics to advance profit in the commercial sector.

Positioning Cow/Calf Operations for Added Profit and Efficiency
Profit for commercial producers depends on several factors - genetics, management industry know-how and marketing. Commercial cow/calf producers, Max Martin, Barron Kidd and Rusty Daniel, share their thoughts and strategies for how they manage the risk and maximize the rewards in the commercial sector, and how Charolais genetics can be advantageous. View the entire panel discussion here.

Tips & Tools for Adding Value to Feeder Calves
Commercial producers invest a considerable amount of time and resources in creating a great product. This panel of industry professionals, Dennis Metzger and Tom Jones, will walk you through how to get the most for your efforts to ensure your success.

Producing More Pounds of Beef with Better Utilization of Cuts and Value
View the entire panel discussion led by Gretchen Mafi, Meat Sciences Professor at Oklahoma State University, about producing more pounds of beef with better utilization of cuts and added value.

Merchandising and Creating Charolais Seedstock to Meet the Needs of Today's Beef Industry
Why should commercial cattlemen utilize Charolais genetics? Galen Fink, Vern Suhn and Michael Sturgess discuss the important seedstock aspects of genetic selection, tools and customer service methods necessary to communicate the value of Charolais genetics to commercial cow/calf producers.

Charolais Across the Nation


Charolais breeders have done a great job of creating cattle with the genetic potential to get big and put on pounds. That’s good for us. We’re in the business of selling beef!”  Todd Sigmon, operations manager for Dinklage Feedyards in Nebraska and Colorado, depends on Charolais and Charolais-cross cattle.

Charolais Proves Valuable in Commercial Cow-Calf Operations Across America

Under Robert Wells’ direction, the Sam Roberts Noble Foundation consults with many commercial cow-calf operations in the the Southern Plains states. As part of the Integrity Beef Alliance, cooperators participate in a comprehensive crossbreeding program using registered Charolais bulls on primarily an Angus based cow herd. They must also comply with a rigorous herd management protocol. Herds market their calves in a value-added market setting that has topped the market each year, providing marketing opportunity to producers of all sizes to capture the value of using Charolais in their beef operations.

Charolais: Value, Versatility & Beef Industry Progress in America

If you missed the recent RFD-TV American Rancher featuring Charolais, here’s the full episode! We thank Robert Wells, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; Todd Sigmon, Dinklage Feedyards; and Brian Kemp, Mountain Meadows Farm, for their laser focus on the value of Charolais in beef production.

The Future is Bright. The Future is White. The Consumer Has Spoken.

Charolais cattlemen are improving the beef industry one calf at a time.


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